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About Bonomali Blog

This blog belongs to helloChinsurah organization. Our work is digital marketing and local business promotion. 

We are digital marketing organization. Mainly our organization provides SEO services. All the companies who have websites who want to market their products come to our company for digital marketing.

The word bonomali means one who tends the garden. Several topics have been discussed in our blog. Those subjects are very interesting at national and international level. Our job is to manage everything properly.

From interesting cuisines to various national festivals are discussed here. All these topics are our client's website subject. They provide their website on our Banmali blog.

This blog is for those who love to read blogs. If you want, you can give any topic of your choice to our blog. For that you can contact us on the mail given on the contact page.

Now the question is, is there digital marketing in this blog? For that we have separate teams who deliver that content to different readers through mail or social networks.

No pricing has been set for this whole thing at this time. But in coming days some price will be fixed to get this service.

Please contact us for any details or services.

Our Services

SEO services for small and medium businesses
Facebook & Instagram account management services
Google my Business optimization
We will add your business in Google map & optimize for better rank

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